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I have worked with Stu at Modern Body for the last 18 months and in that time I have lost 2 stone, dropped 2 dress sizes and gained a waist. Stu is fantastic at listening to my goals and developing nutrition and strength training programs, which he constantly reviews and amends as I progress. Each PT session is different (and only repeated to check fitness progression) and I'm encouraged to push myself in a way I wouldn't do if I was training by myself. His knowledge on fitness and strength is fantastic and I couldn't have achieved my goals without him.

Helen E

Stu is a fantastic PT with great knowledge and enthusiasm for health and fitness. 
Every PT session is a new challenge with great exercise plans and supportive dietary advice.
I would highly recommend Stu to anyone, he is a great health and fitness mentor.
I couldn't have achieved the changes I have made so far without the ongoing support and guidance. Thanks Stu!! 
Insanity and Metafit classes in Bramhall...absolute killer!! No pain no gain! Brilliant!

Becky L

Metafit was fab! Loved the class! Will definitely be making it a regular thing!

Kelly F

One session in and I'm a big fan. My kind of workout, 30mins and feel inspired to do it again.

Kat M

Brilliant meta fit session tonight-I'm going to hurt, but it was worth it. Motivating and informative instruction and will definitely be back!

Fiona B

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